Ford / Sterling L, LN, LT8000
Truck Radiator

Ford / Sterling L, LN, LT8000 <br>Truck Radiator
Item# Rad9360dlb
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Product Description

Ford / Sterling L, LN, LT8000
Truck Radiator

Core Height: 35", Width: 26 1/8", Depth: 1 9/16", Rows: 2
Upper Left Inlet: 2", Lower Right Outlet: 2"
Solder-on Brass Tanks
Must use original brackets

NOTE: Supercedes Rad9469dlb & Rad9460dlb

OEM #s: 1003305, 0148541L, 11040050, 030104, 034255L, 1003304, 1030104, 103305, 1040050, 1101905, 90461512, F4HT8009TB, F4HT8009TD, F4HZ8005J, F5HT8009YB, F6HS8009DA, F6HZ8009DA, SRK7159, FOR12, FD32, CTVTU80653, CTVTM80653, 9000-12ST, 437159S

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